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News, 9.5.2003

Jäätteenmäki’s Government appointed

On Thursday 17 April, the President of the Republic appointed Finland’s 68th Government. In the same connection, the President of the Republic released the ministers of Paavo Lipponen’s second Government from their duties.

The Government headed by Prime Minister Jäätteenmäki consists of 18 ministers. The Centre Party and the Social Democratic party have eight ministerial posts each and the Swedis People’s Party has two posts.

In its first plenary session on 17 April, the Government made decisions on the division of labour among the ministers, on the members of the statutory Cabinet Committees and on the deputies for the ministers. The Minister of Finance, Antti Kalliomäki, was appointed as the minister deputising for the Prime Minister.

Jäätteenmäki Government

Prime Minister Anneli Jäätteenmäki
Minister deputising for the Prime Minister, Minister of Finance Antti Kalliomäki
Minister for Foreign Affairs Erkki Tuomioja
Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Paula Lehtomäki
Minister of Justice Johannes Koskinen
Minister of the Interior Kari Rajamäki
Minister of Regional and Municipal Affairs Hannes Manninen
Minister of Defence Matti Vanhanen
Minister at the Ministry of Finance Ulla-Maj Wideroos
Minister of Education Tuula Haatainen
Minister of Culture Tanja Karpela
Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Juha Korkeaoja
Minister of Transport and Communications Leena Luhtanen
Minister of Trade and Industry Mauri Pekkarinen
Minister of Social Affairs and Health Sinikka Mönkäre
Minister of Health and Social Services Liisa Hyssälä
Minister of Labour Tarja Filatov
Minister of the Environment Jan-Erik Enestam


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